16th PV EXPO [Spring] – [International] Photovoltaic Power Exhibition –

16th PV EXPO [Spring] – [International] Photovoltaic Power Exhibition –

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Date March 15, 2023 ~ March 17, 2023
Venue Tokyo / Japan / Asia
Venue Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight)
Items to be exhibited Solar panels, construction materials, O&M technology, peripheral equipment (power conditioners, cables, etc.)
For Visitors Admission Qualifications: Business People
Method of admission : Pre-registration on official website / Entrance fee ¥5,000/person without invitation ticket
Please contact the organizer directly for details.
Organizer RX Japan Co., Ltd.
Address: Shinjuku Nomura Building 18F, 1-26-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Department in charge: Smart Energy Week
Tel: +81-3-3349-8576
E-mail : pvexpo.jp@rxglobal.com / sew.jp@rxglobal.com
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From March 15, 2023 (Wednesday), the 16th PV EXPO [Spring]-[International] Photovoltaic Power Generation Exhibition-” will be held at Tokyo Big Sight! Solar panels, construction materials, O&M technology, and peripheral equipment (power conditioners, cables, etc.) from all over the world will be exhibited. Lively technical discussions.
There is a concurrent exhibition.

Basic Industries / Mining, Energy
Machinery/Industrial Technology/Machine Tools/Metalworking
Machinery/Industrial Technology/Manufacturing/Production Technology, Quality Control
Machinery/Industrial Technology/Advanced Technology, New Materials, Composites, R&D
Transportation/Logistics/Packaging/Automobiles (including parts and manufacturing-related equipment)
Environment/environment, waste disposal, recycling

Held every year

第16届PV EXPO【春季】-【国际】光伏发电展-


日期 2023 年 3 月 15 日~2023 年 3 月 17 日
地点 东京 / 日本 / 亚洲
会场东京国际展览中心(Tokyo Big Sight)
参展项目 太阳能电池板、建筑材料、运维技术、外围设备(功率调节器、电缆等)
入场方式 : 官网预先登记 / 入场费 5,000 日元/人,无邀请函
主办单位 RX Japan Co., Ltd.
地址:东京都新宿区西新宿1-26-2 Shinjuku Nomura Building 18F
电子邮件:pvexpo.jp@rxglobal.com / sew.jp@rxglobal.com
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2023年3月15日(星期三)起,第16届PV EXPO [春季]-[国际]光伏发电展-”将在东京国际展览中心举行!来自世界各地的太阳能电池板、建筑材料、运维技术和外围设备(电源调节器、电缆等)将展出。热烈的技术讨论。



Smart Factory Japan 2022

Period October 19, 2022 to October 21, 2022
Opening Reminder Tokyo / Japan / Asia
Venue Tokyo Big Sight
Exhibit items Information management, processing systems, manufacturing equipment, equipment, communication equipment, systems, factory interiors, RISKU countermeasures, opening support, sharing services/consulting, security, logistics systems
Eligibility for admission: business affiliate/general
Admission method: Official pre-registration / 1,000 yen (pre-registration, ticket purchasers, junior high school students and younger)
For details, please ask the person who made the inquiry directly.
Promoter Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun
Address: 14-1 Nihonbashi Koamicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8548
Department in charge: Cohesion Business Bureau Event Business Department “Smart Factory Japan” Secretariat
Phone: 03-5644-7221
E-mail: autumnfair@nikkan.tech
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There is an exhibition solicitation from the main promoter.

Basic Industries / Minerals, Energy
Conveyance, logistics, packaging, automobiles (manufacturing-related equipment including parts)
Intelligence/Communication/Communication, Information Processing, Convenience
Environment/environment, waste disposal, recycling
Conveyance/Logistics/Packaging/Railway/Transport Machinery/Transportation

Yearly reminder frequency
Past results 2021 results
Visitors: 21796
Number of exhibitors: 72

日本智能工厂 2022


期间 2022 年 10 月 19 日至 2022 年 10 月 21 日
开幕提醒 东京 / 日本 / Agia
会场东京Big Sight
地址:103-8548 东京都中央区日本桥小网町 14-1
开发负责人:关闭商务局活动课“Smart Factory Japan”秘书处
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过去的结果 2021 年的结果

1st [Kansai] Store management EXPO

Dates September 09, 2020-September 11, 2020
Venue Osaka (Osaka) / Japan / Asia
Venue Intex Osaka
Items to be exhibited Store management services such as POS cash register / POS system, customer management system / CRM, payment service, inventory management system, attendance / human resources management system, etc. Online customer acquisition system, customer acquisition application, omnichannel, inbound support solution, etc. Store attracting service
For visitors: eligibility for admission: business people
Admission method: Admission fee ¥ 5,000 / person if you do not have pre-registration / invitation ticket from the official website
Please contact the organizer for details.
Organizer Lead Exhibition Japan Co., Ltd.
Address: Shinjuku Nomura Building 18F, 1-26-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel: + 81-3-3349-0597
E-mail: spex@reedexpo.co.jp
Inquiry form: https://www.sp-world-kansai.jp/inv
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From the organizers IT management has become an indispensable time for store management issues such as increasing taxes, increasing foreign visitors to Japan, and urban development. In response, this exhibition was newly established in Tokyo (Spring / Summer) in 2019 and received a great response from the first time. Kansai is planning to develop the Osaka Expo, and the awareness of restaurants, retailers, and commercial facilities is higher than in East Japan. I’d like to come and visit you “
There is a simultaneous exhibition.
Information / communication / communication, information processing, computer
Service / Advertising, Marketing, Management
Frequency of holding 3 times a year
Official website More information on this trade show / exhibition can be found in the organizer’s official website, open in a new window.

CNET Japan Conference Real Estate Tech Conference 2019

CNET Japan Information Mail August 19, 2019
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ Asahi Interactive Corporation

CNET Japan Conference Real Estate Tech Conference 2019

How to utilize “technology, business, and human resources” to shine the future of the real estate industry

Date and time: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 Participation free / pre-registration system (capacity 400 people)

Reception 9:30 Start 10:00 Exhibition Hall: 12: 00-18: 00

Venue: Ochanomizu Sora City Conference Center

Click here for seminar details and application:

☆ Real estate business changing with the latest technology!
The technology, business model, and human resources that will be responsible for the future real estate industry! ?

Featured lecture pickup!

[Keynote K-1] 10: 00-11: 00

What is a new lifestyle that lives like a journey advocated by OYO LIFE?

Mr. Hironori Katsuse, CEO

“OYO LIFE” uses technology to search for properties with a single smartphone,
Commitment and payment infrastructure will be provided from settlement to payment

Property information that is difficult to search, complicated procedures, two-year contract binding, security deposit, etc.
課題 Eliminate the problems that occur when renting rental properties so far, and add to your lifestyle
Make a reservation on the internet in the right area
“This is Japan’s first service that allows you to enjoy“ Living like traveling ”easily.
Publish the world view you are aiming for and the benefits to real estate owners.

[Keynote K-2] 11: 05-11: 55

Large companies x startups, things, things and attitudes necessary for co-creation
— Ask Tokyu Housing Lease and Mitsui Fudosan

■ Tokyu Housing Lease Co., Ltd. Business Strategy Headquarters
Mr. Atsushi Sase, Director, Executive Officer, General Manager of Business Strategy Headquarters

■ Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. Corporate Planning Department
Mr. Nao Sunaga, Business Innovation Promotion Group Head

■ Mr. Kazuo Haga, Executive Officer, Livesense Inc.

A major real estate company and a startup draw the same vision,
Develop new innovations. It ’s easy to say in words,
To achieve this collaboration, the scale, history, and environment are very different.
There is a way to connect the two organizations, communicate and continue the relationship.

What are the things, things, and attitudes necessary to co-create with startups?
We have already been working with startups early on, and we already have several examples
We ask two companies, Tokyu Housing Leasing and Mitsui Fudosan, who are producing them.

Click here for seminar details and application:

[Track A-1] 13: 10-14: 00

Securing the development of a property / customer management system that realizes cross-border real estate transactions
~ Introducing the back of development projects composed of global members ~

■ List Co., Ltd. Information System Department IT Manager Tomoyuki Matsumura
Mr. Ryunosuke Senda IT Lead Engineer Information System Department

In partnership with Sotheby’s International Realty,
A list group with strengths in cross-border brokerage.
In Hawaii and Southeast Asia to provide seamless services
Property / customer information management system that can be used in common with overseas offices
Developed in-house in cooperation with each office.

Develop with different nationalities, backgrounds, and working offices
Introducing actual experiences during development in detail with examples.

[Track B-2] 14: 10-15: 00

“TRG (Tradage)”, a support tool for real estate salespeople utilizing AI-OCR

■ Mr. Keijiro Tanabe, Deputy General Manager, Sales Department, Tribute Tokyo Head Office
Mr. Shinsuke Nigami, Deputy Manager, Sales Department, Tokyo Head Office

Introducing TRG, a support tool for real estate salesmen that is currently being released.
As a tool to renew the analog sales style that remains in the real estate industry
Released on July 15th.
“AI-OCR” “location information service” “business card exchange function”
”The nationwide real estate salesman search function” is installed on the smartphone at hand,
From easy network expansion to information exchange and automatic document creation
It will be possible to do.

In the practical scene, how TRG (Trage) works for those working in the real estate industry
I will explain whether it will have an impact while comparing it with the current situation.

[Track B-4] 16: 10-17: 00

How should we confront the future of Real Estate Tech?

■ NTT Data Management Laboratories, Inc.
Business transformation unit
Mr. Atsushi Kawato Senior Manager Real Estate Tech Association Advisor

■ Corabit Co., Ltd. CEO Takeshi Asami

■ Sakura Office Co., Ltd. Chairman and Real Estate Consultant Mr. Osamu Nagashima

Real estate tech (PropTech / RealEstateTech) is increasingly in Japan as well as overseas.
It is getting excited.

In the future, the real estate industry in Japan will be
“What direction will it go?” “How will it change?”
Talk about the future image from various viewpoints.

Click here for seminar details and application:

[Track B-3] 15: 10-16: 00

■ Class Hiroshi Kubo, President and CEO

■ Hosty Inc. President Hiroo Yamaguchi

■ Digital Base Capital Co., Ltd. Representative Partner Satoshi Sakurai

[Track A-4] 16: 10-17: 00


VP of Finance & Strategic Partnership Mr. Joji Kada

[Exhibition] 12: 00-18: 00
Many are available! Please pay attention to this!

Click here for seminar details and application:

Asahi Interactive Corporation
Event support: event-support-inq@aiasahi.jp


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Retail Tech Japan 2019

It is a solution of an unattended store of the topic now. It was too full of people to interview.

It is groupware for headquarters and shops for distribution. Here we are only two companies, but we have also exhibited elsewhere.
The goodness of the industry-specific type is still very user-friendly. It will still be difficult for general groupware.
First of all, how it is used depends on whether it is a headquarters-led chain store or whether it is quite different for each store. After that, it’s easy to see and use. Where you are introducing, there is also a problem that the amount of information is too large to see all. It depends also on the range to which it is shown. Is it until the manager? Everyone up to part-time job? Responding to foreigners is also an urgent task.

Retail Tech Japan 2019

This year’s Retail Tech used cashless settlement and AI utilizing data in many cases. This time I went to the interview with exhibitors who are themed on distribution.

It is a solution for Panasonic’s distribution. First of all, I touch the terminal of a store with a smartphone, and it is a mechanism to utilize it for customer service by gathering it and already existing customer related data.
It may be a realistically effective way in the reality where sales are deprived of the net and operation is not established in showroom type shops. It will be effective for selling specific areas.
If you work with Panasonic’s other solutions, you will be able to do more interesting things.

It is an elecom store solution. Since we are doing a large number of developments at appliances specialty stores etc., we develop practical solutions. If you connect further from analysis to action plan, it seems that usage range will be further increased.