Wellness Food Japan 2023

Wellness Food Japan 2023


Date August 02, 2023 ~ August 04, 2023
Venue Tokyo / Japan / Asia
Venue Tokyo Big Sight East Exhibition Hall
Items to be exhibited Health foods, functional foods, supplements, functional food materials/ingredients, OEM/ODM services, healthy oils, healthy snacks/nuts, fruits, dried fruits, low GI foods, gluten-free foods, health food ingredients , food ingredients, natural ingredients, OEM/ODM, food CRO/inspection and analysis services, packaging machines, packages, capsules, plant-based foods/beverages/ingredients, vegan/vegetarian foods, organic foods/natural foods, additive-free foods, Alternative food, insect food, etc.
For Visitors Admission Qualifications: Business People
Method of admission : Pre-registration via official website / Registration/tickets available at event
Please contact the organizer directly for details.
Organizer TSO International Co., Ltd.
Address: Front Place Yotsuya 7F, 3-2-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Department in charge: Wellness Food Japan Secretariat
Tel: +81-3-5363-1701
E-mail: info@wfjapan.com
Inquiry form: https://wfjapan.com/inquiry/
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It will be held at Tokyo Big Sight as a specialized exhibition that supports a healthy and high quality of life life from the aspects of food, eating habits, and food culture. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines “wellness” as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Wellness life is supposed to be healthy both physically and mentally. This wellness industry includes food, exercise/fitness, beauty, tourism, etc., and has grown into an industry worth more than 450 trillion yen worldwide. The wellness industry, which avoids diseases and creates health maintenance and spiritual richness even in a life where self-restraint continues, is gaining more attention as one of the most important industries, and further expansion of the scale of the industry is expected.
There is a concurrent exhibition.

 Medical/Health/Health Care, Health Industry, Health Products
 Environment/environment, waste disposal, recycling
 Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries/Food/Food/Beverages, Food Processing

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健康食品日本 2023

日期 2023年08月02日 ~ 2023年08月04日
展出项目 健康食品、功能性食品、补充剂、功能性食品原料/配料、OEM/ODM服务、健康油脂、健康零食/坚果、水果、干果、低GI食品、无麸质食品、保健食品配料、食品配料、天然配料、OEM/ODM、食品 CRO/检验和分析服务、包装机、包装、胶囊、植物性食品/饮料/配料、素食/素食食品、有机食品/天然食品、无添加剂食品、替代品食品、昆虫食品等
入场方式:官网预报名 / 现场报名/现场购票
主办单位 TSO International Co., Ltd.
地址:东京都新宿区四谷3-2-1 Front Place Yotsuya 7F
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它将作为一个专业展览在东京国际展示场举行,从食物、饮食习惯和饮食文化等方面支持健康和高品质的生活。 世界卫生组织 (WHO) 将“健康”定义为“身体、心理和社会方面的完全健康状态,而不仅仅是没有疾病或虚弱”。健康生活应该是身心健康。 这个健康产业包括食品、运动/健身、美容、旅游等,已经成长为全球价值超过450万亿日元的产业。自我约束仍在继续,作为最重要的行业之一越来越受到关注,行业规模有望进一步扩大。