32nd Japan IT Week Spring

Outline of the event

[General name] 32nd Japan IT Week Spring

[Session] April 5th (Wednesday) to 7th (Friday), 2023

[Time] 10: 00-18: 00 (Ends at 17:00 on the last day only)

[Venue] Tokyo Big Sight

[Organizer] RX Japan Ltd. (former company name: Lead Exhibition Japan)
Japan IT Week Spring consists of the following IT special exhibitions

All products and services related to software and application development, such as development automation tools and contract development, will be exhibited.


This is an exhibition where sales automation tools, SFA / sales support, CRM, inside sales, business card management, BI / DWH, etc. are exhibited together.

Embedded / Edge Computing Exhibition

Companies dealing with hardware, software, components, and development environment required for embedded system development will exhibit.

Data Center & Storage EXPO

This is a specialized exhibition where data center facilities such as servers, racks, and UPS, NAS, SAN, disk equipment, operation management software, and other storage-related solutions are gathered.

Information security EXPO

This is an exhibition where solutions related to cyber attack / targeted attack countermeasures, information leakage countermeasures, AI security, etc. are exhibited together.

Digital Marketing EXPO

Promote the activation of web marketing and digital marketing! This is an exhibition where marketing automation, AI utilization, access analysis tools, etc. are gathered.

Cloud Business Reform EXPO

Products and services that are indispensable for business reform, such as electronic contracts, HR tech, ERP / accounting systems, expense settlement, groupware, business chat, and telework, will be exhibited.

IoT Solution Exhibition

This is an exhibition of 5G solutions that are currently being talked about, such as wireless communication technology required for building IoT systems, applications such as sensors, remote monitoring, and production management.

Next Generation EC & Store EXPO

This is an exhibition where many products such as mail-order support services, store management, customer attraction, customer service solutions, and online and physical store cooperation services are exhibited.

AI / Business Automation Exhibition

AI (artificial intelligence) and solutions for automating operations such as RPA / business agency robots and chatbots will be exhibited together.

Metaverse Utilization EXPO

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