The 5th Town Development Exhibition for a Super Aging Society CareCITY’22

The 5th Town Development Exhibition for a Super Aging Society CareCITY’22

Exhibition for new town development for a super-aging society

Admission classification
Facilities used
South 1, 2, 4 holes
Holding period
March 09, 2022 (Wednesday) -March 11, 2022 (Friday)
open time
9: 30-17: 00
Free (registration required)
(Please refer to the web)

Boutiques Co., Ltd.
contact address
CareCITY Secretariat
TEL: 03-6303-9801

Exhibition product category list
Town development for a super-aging society

Community revitalization and health promotion
Local security, safety, and watching infrastructure (watching, crime prevention, disaster prevention)
Non-insurance services (life support / visit service, inheritance / care support, etc.)
Municipal service solutions

Equipment and services related to home medical care

Medical assistance / multidisciplinary cooperation system
Electronic medical record ・ System for home medical care
Home-visit nursing / home-visit care system
Home medical care management support service
Inspection / measurement equipment for home medical care (portable echo, electronic stethoscope, etc.)
Treatment / treatment equipment / supplies for home medical care / nursing
Medication support / dispensing related services, medicines, etc.
Other home medical supplies and services, etc.

Long-term care technology

Nursing robot
IoT products and services
Products and services that utilize AI / VR / AR technology

Long-term care system

Long-term care integrated system
Long-term care insurance claim
Care plan creation
Nursing care records / electronic medical records
Medication management system
Business analysis and management
Work shift creation and management
Mobile system
Cloud service
Pick-up support system
Other systems for long-term care facilities
Various addition support systems
Communication tool
Various apps
System for disability welfare support offices
System for welfare support offices for children with disabilities

Watching system

Watching system
Watch sensor
Watching service
Watching robot
Watching camera
Wandering prevention system
Nurse call
Get out of bed sensor
Vital sensor
Sleep monitoring system
Fall detection system
Beacon, GPS, security camera
Watching system for the elderly living at home and the elderly living alone
Other watching system

Long-term care products

Walker, silver car, cane
Prevention of bedsores
Bathing supplies
Excretion supplies
Oral care products
Life support products
Self-help tool
Home renovation supplies
Home care support supplies
Nursing care products wholesale and long-term care products in general
Rehabilitation equipment
Rehabilitation supplies
Other long-term care products
Nursing robot

Long-term care prevention related products

Rehabilitation equipment
Rehabilitation supplies
Training / fitness equipment
Training / fitness equipment
Functional training / frailty prevention products
Walking support supplies
Independence support supplies
Life support products
Health check equipment (measuring instruments, inspection kits, apps)
Brain training / dementia prevention products
Various systems and apps
Treatment equipment / medical equipment
Massage equipment and supplies
Health foods and supplements
esports / health games

Care food

Food distribution service
Lunch service
Long-term care food, swallowing food, meal supplement food
Therapeutic food / nutritionally adjusted food
Event food / meal recreation
Desserts and sweets
Food and ingredients wholesale
Beverage / Beverage server
Kitchen equipment / supplies, tableware
Nutrition management software system
Ingredients / seasonings / ingredients
Other meal-related products and services

Long-term care recreation

Coloring book / painting / paper craft
Brain training, games, learning, gymnastics, travel
Visiting beauty / therapy
Other recreational products and services

Equipment and supplies for long-term care facilities

Long-term care bathtub
Bathing equipment
Transfer assistance equipment
Stair lift
Washing machine / washing machine
Vacuum cleaner
Furniture / interior goods
Building materials / interior supplies
Facility construction / design
Facility renovation / maintenance / new opening support
Treatment equipment / medical equipment
Supplies and services for staff
Nursing equipment
Welfare vehicles
Magazines / books
Other facilities and equipment for long-term care facilities
Medication cart / medication support

Welfare support for people with disabilities and children with disabilities

System for disability welfare support offices
System for welfare support offices for children with disabilities
Rehabilitation support
FC / Consulting
Temporary staffing for welfare with disabilities
Welfare products for children with disabilities
Welfare supplies and equipment for people with disabilities and welfare establishments with disabilities

Long-term care facility solution

Energy saving / labor saving equipment / services
Disaster prevention equipment / equipment
BCP measures / crisis response equipment / equipment
Infection prevention supplies / equipment
Sterilization and hygiene products
Management support / sales increase service consulting
Staff recruitment / education service consulting
Foreign human resources
Human resources retention and welfare services
Customer attraction support service
Non-insurance service
Business trip service outsourcing
Solutions for other long-term care facilities

For practitioners such as osteopathic clinics, acupuncture clinics, and chiropractic clinics

Treatment device
System for receipt computers and other practitioners
Equipment for practitioners
Management support for practitioners
Other health related products
business support
Beauty equipment and supplies

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