Tokyo Digital Innovation 2020February 18 (Tuesday)-19 (Wednesday), 2020The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

Tokyo Digital Innovation 2020

February 18 (Tuesday)-19 (Wednesday), 2020
The Prince Park Tower Tokyo
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★ The latest seminar released within one week ★

◎ Field service is the lifeblood of customer experience
Digital transformation of after-sales service
[Date] 2/19 (Wed.) 14:45-15:25–4216903791–_4

★ Featured seminars ★

◎ Utilization of government statistical data
-Introduction of statistical data usage and new technology-

Statistics Center / Oracle Japan
[Date] 2/18 (Tue) 14:45-15:25–4216903791–_5

◎ Points of planning and promoting cloud migration in the enterprise:
Maximizing business value through migration

Amazon Web Services Japan
[Lecture] 2/19 (Wed) 12:10-12:50–4216903791–_6

◎ How to Start IT Modernization for DX Realization-Thorough Use of AWS-

Amazon Web Services Japan
[Date] 2/19 (Wed.) 13:20-14:00–4216903791–_7

◎ “Alternative data sales” on the Osaka Exchange
Introducing the business launch process

Osaka Exchange-(JPX; Japan Exchange Group)
[Lecture] 2/19 (Wed) 15:40-16:20–4216903791–_8

To accelerate digital transformation:
Why the cloud is essential and the role of leaders

Amazon Web Services Japan
[Lecture] 2/18 (Tue) 11:00-11:40–4216903791–_9

◎ Practices and examples of cost evaluation accompanying cloud migration
-Should we wait for DC closing until depreciation timing?

Amazon Web Services Japan
[Lecture] 2/18 (Tue) 12:10-12:50–4216903791–_10

◎ ‘s CCoE, human resource development, and call center advancement

Mizuho Bank
[Date] 2/18 (Tue) 14:30-15:10–4216903791–_11

◎ Key points of data utilization in the manufacturing industry understood by AWS
Introduction of IoT data utilization examples

Amazon Web Services Japan
[Lecture] 2/18 (Tue) 15:40-16:20–4216903791–_12

◎ Latest Trends of Database Migration to AWS-Migration Methods and Case Studies

Amazon Web Services Japan
[Date] 2/18 (Tue) 16:50-17:30–4216903791–_13

◎ Corporate foundation supporting digital transformation /
Three points for accelerating the transition of mission-critical systems to the cloud

Amazon Web Services Japan
[Lecture] 2/19 (Wed) 11:00-11:40–4216903791–_14


★ Cloud Days ★

◎ Overcoming the “cliff of 2025” by utilizing the cloud
-From defense to aggressive ICT-

Google Cloud Japan
[Lecture] 2/18 (Tue) 11:00-11:40–4216903791–_15

◎ New common sense! The secret to successfully moving to the cloud without hassle

[Date] 2/18 (Tue) 12:30-13:10–4216903791–_16

◎ Google Cloud data analysis solution supporting business

Google Cloud Japan
[Lecture] 2/18 (Tue) 16:15-16:55–4216903791–_17

◎ Real network to cloud
-Safe and secure network connection to the cloud-

[Date] 2/18 (Tue) 16:50-17:30–4216903791–_18

◎ Business efficiency by managing and searching corporate content

Google Cloud Japan
[Lecture] 2/19 (Wed) 11:00-11:40–4216903791–_19


★ Security Solution ★

◎ Win10 operational load and TOKYO 2020 holding effect,
What threat measures are needed now and will continue to be useful in the future

[Date] 2/19 (Wed.) 14:30-15:10–4216903791–_20

◎ Cyber ​​Security in 2020: Threats and Countermeasures Overhaul

IBM Japan
[Lecture] 2/18 (Tue) 14:00-14:40–4216903791–_21

◎ Do you know? VDI issues and the forefront of thin clients,
“Secure FAT” is hot now!

Earl Eye
[Date of lecture] 2/18 (Tue) 13:20-14:00–4216903791–_22


★ Artificial intelligence / Business AI ★

◎ Drive the organizational use of data
NLG (Natural Language Generation) Call Center Practice Example

Jupiter Telecom
Delivery consulting
[Lecture] 2/19 (Wed) 16:50-17:30–4216903791–_23

◎ Transformation of maintenance work
-How to use cloud computing, mobility and AI

Service Max Japan
[Lecture] 2/19 (Wed) 16:50-17:30–4216903791–_24

◎ Intel’s AI × Edge Optimal Solution

[Lecture] 2/18 (Tue) 15:40-16:20–4216903791–_25

◎ “Data utilization” and “AI analysis support”
How to carry out two major measures to enhance the power of employees and the company

Clicktech Japan
[Date] 2/18 (Tue) 13:15-13:55–4216903791–_26

★ Key note ★

◎ Society aimed at by the Marunouchi Data Consortium

Mitsubishi Estate
Hiroyuki Okuyama General Manager, Open Innovation Promotion Office, Town Brand Promotion Department
[Lecture] 2/18 (Tue) 10:00-10:40–4216903791–_27

◎ The Forefront of Data / AI Utilization from a Global Perspective and New Issues

Corporate Information Technology Association AI & Robotics Committee
Chair Masaya Mori
[Date] 2/18 (Tue) 14:45-15:25–4216903791–_28

◎ Cross-border collaboration in a data driven era
-Fostering human resources with fields and data-

Ridylaba Toshiki Abe
Kotaro Toyosumi, Panasonic Life Solutions Company
PwC Consulting Hayato Dobashi
[Lecture] 2/18 (Tue) 16:50-17:50–4216903791–_29

◎ What is the next retail model “RaaS” of “D2C”?

Kenichiro Mishima, Director, Management and Financial Strategy
[Date] 2/18 (Tue) 16:50-17:30–4216903791–_30

◎ The key to innovation in manufacturing through deep learning

Mr. Kimiki Kurosawa, Deputy Director, Production System Innovation Center
[Lecture] 2/19 (Wed) 10:00-10:40–4216903791–_31


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Seminar Program Introduction (Excerpts, 43 lectures) ◆ ◇ ◆ Fashion World Tokyo Keynote / Special Lecture ◆ ◇ ◆ Start accepting seminar applications from today! ◆ ◇ Date: April 1 (Wed)-3 (Fri) 10: 00-17: 00

◆ ◇ ◆ Start accepting seminar applications from today! ◆ ◇ ◆

[43 lectures] Fashion World Seminar

Date: April 1 (Wed)-3 (Fri) 10: 00-17: 00
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Building

Please apply from the following [Pre-registration required, free]

 ◆ ◇ ◆ Seminar Program Introduction (Excerpts, 43 lectures) ◆ ◇ ◆
Fashion World Tokyo Keynote / Special Lecture [FW-K] [FW-S]

  ◆ Challenges and Survival Strategy in the Japanese Fashion World
-To continue to create world-standard brands-

(One company) Japan Fashion Week Promotion Organization
Director Nobuyuki Ota

  ◆ By Urban Research and Famima !!
狙 What is the aim of the next-generation convenience store “Urban Famima !!”?

  Nobuaki Inui, Executive Officer, Urban Research Co., Ltd.
  Tomohiro Kano General Manager Corporate Strategy Dept., FamilyMart Co., Ltd.

       Apparel EXPO II Keynote Special Lecture [AP-K] [AP-S]

◆ “Creating Culture through Things” BEAMS ‘PB Product Strategy

Beams Co., Ltd. Director, Development Business Division
Creative Director Hiroshi Kubo

H H & M’s efforts to realize a sustainable society

    H & M Hennes & Mauritz Japan K.K.
        Takashi Yamaura CSR / Sustainability Coordinator

  ◆ Co-Creation Sustainability Management of the Marui Group

General Manager, Sustainability Department, Marui Group Co., Ltd.

           Shoes EXPO Keynote Lecture [SH-K]

  ◆ What should leather shoe makers do to survive?

   Regal Corporation
                                Kojiro Iwasaki, President
※ Titles abbreviation, random order

  ◆ Many other seminars are held in addition to the above! <43 lectures> ◆

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    ◇ Official HP ◇

◎ Please forward this e-mail to those who are related in the company
◆ Full of highlights this time! Please come to the exhibition before and after the lecture ◆

  980 companies from 35 countries will exhibit!

The 7th Fashion World Tokyo [Spring]

・ Apparel EXPO ・ Bag EXPO
・ Shoes EXPO ・ Accessories EXPO
          ・ Fashion OEM EXPO ・ Fabric / Material EXPO

Dates: April 1 (Wed)-April 3 (Fri) 2020, 10: 00-17: 00
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Building
Sponsor: Reed Exhibitions Japan Co., Ltd.

[Invitation ticket request (free) Under acceptance! ]
  Apply here >>

※ If you do not have an invitation ticket, an entrance fee of 5,000 yen is required

  • Only one person can enter with one invitation ticket
    Organizer: Lead Exhibition Japan Co., Ltd.
    Fashion World Seminar Secretariat
    TEL: 03-5259-9056 (10: 00-18: 00 Sat, Sun, Holidays)
    Fax: 03-3295-7007

Japan’s largest! * 1,100 exhibitors including 280 exhibitors for the first time The 29th Japan IT Week [Spring]

Japan’s largest! * 1,100 exhibitors including 280 exhibitors for the first time
               The 29th Japan IT Week [Spring]

        Also exhibiting TV commercials and advertising IT companies found in the city
              >> Exhibitors are now available <<

Date: April 8 (Wed)-10 (Fri), 2020
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
Organizer: Reed Exhibitions Japan Co., Ltd.

Composition exhibition:
 AI / Business Automation Exhibition [Spring]
 IoT & 5G Solution Exhibition [Spring]
 Web & Digital Marketing EXPO [Spring] and 7 more exhibitions

At the exhibition, you can listen to descriptions of many products,
You can efficiently introduce the best products / services for your company.

◎ It takes too long to work
◎ I want to automate data analysis with AI (Artificial Intelligence)
◎ I want to improve productivity with a smart factory

Please come to solve your worries!

 ————————————————– —-
    ▼ Start accepting invitation tickets (free) required for admission
 ————————————————– —-

  • Japan’s largest… Comparison of the number of exhibitors and product display areas with similar exhibitions.
     The number of exhibitors is the final expected number including simultaneous exhibitions and co-exhibitors,
     It may increase or decrease at the time of the event.

 Organizer Reed Exhibitions Japan Co., Ltd.
 Japan IT Week [Spring] Secretariat
 〒163-0570 1-26-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku Nomura Building 18F
 TEL: 03-3349-8504 FAX: 03-3349-8500 Email: