The 10th Japan IT Week [Autumn] Dates: October 23 (Wed)-25 (Fri), 2019 Venue: Makuhari Messe Halls 4-8 Organizer: Reed Exhibition Japan Co., Ltd.

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                   The 10th Japan IT Week [Autumn]

            Dates: October 23 (Wed)-25 (Fri), 2019
            Venue: Makuhari Messe Halls 4-8
            Organizer: Reed Exhibition Japan Co., Ltd.

        Organized Exhibition: ○ AI / Business Automation Exhibition
                    ○ Cloud Computing EXPO
                    ○ Sales automation, CRM EXPO and other 9 exhibitions

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Working style reforms
━┛━┛━┛━┛━┛━┛━┛ ――――――――――――――――

 ● Safe and secure remote access tool
 ————————————————– ———-
    Active in telework introduction with full management functions and mobile support

 ● Easy and high-quality web conferencing solution
 ————————————————– ———-
    No installation required, start from 0 yen initial cost

 ● RPA
 ————————————————– ———-
     Excel, browser, individual business system, etc.
     Software-type robot that automates PC operations

 ● AI chatbot
 ————————————————– ———-
     Q & A automatic response that can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

 ● RPA that automates all mail operations
 ————————————————– ———-
    Ordering / ordering / requesting materials / inquiry emails with business partners,
    Automate email operations such as exchanging routine messages with internal parties

 ● Work shift optimization cloud service
 ————————————————– ———-
    From staff skills and working conditions, company labor regulations,
    AI automatically creates a uniform work shift table

 ● Work style reform at AR
 ————————————————– ———-
    Share real-time situation with remote people

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 ○ I want to realize work style reform by introducing IT
 ○ I want to support a variety of working styles, etc.

 This is an exhibition where you can find “solutions” for your problems.
 Please visit us!

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 There is also a [free service] that supports business meetings at the exhibition hall.
 I prepared it. Please use it for more efficient product introduction.

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  • The number of exhibitors listed is the final expected number including simultaneous exhibitions.
    There may be an increase or decrease during the event. In addition to exhibiting contract companies,
      This includes the number of group companies and partner companies participating in the joint exhibition.

 Organizer Lead Exhibition Japan Co., Ltd.
 Japan IT Week [Autumn] Secretariat
 Shinjuku Nomura Building 18F, 1-26-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0570
 Tel: 03-5324-1267 Fax: 03-3349-8500 E-mail:

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