CNET Japan Conference Real Estate Tech Conference 2019

CNET Japan Information Mail August 19, 2019
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CNET Japan Conference Real Estate Tech Conference 2019

How to utilize “technology, business, and human resources” to shine the future of the real estate industry

Date and time: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 Participation free / pre-registration system (capacity 400 people)

Reception 9:30 Start 10:00 Exhibition Hall: 12: 00-18: 00

Venue: Ochanomizu Sora City Conference Center

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☆ Real estate business changing with the latest technology!
The technology, business model, and human resources that will be responsible for the future real estate industry! ?

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[Keynote K-1] 10: 00-11: 00

What is a new lifestyle that lives like a journey advocated by OYO LIFE?

Mr. Hironori Katsuse, CEO

“OYO LIFE” uses technology to search for properties with a single smartphone,
Commitment and payment infrastructure will be provided from settlement to payment

Property information that is difficult to search, complicated procedures, two-year contract binding, security deposit, etc.
課題 Eliminate the problems that occur when renting rental properties so far, and add to your lifestyle
Make a reservation on the internet in the right area
“This is Japan’s first service that allows you to enjoy“ Living like traveling ”easily.
Publish the world view you are aiming for and the benefits to real estate owners.

[Keynote K-2] 11: 05-11: 55

Large companies x startups, things, things and attitudes necessary for co-creation
— Ask Tokyu Housing Lease and Mitsui Fudosan

■ Tokyu Housing Lease Co., Ltd. Business Strategy Headquarters
Mr. Atsushi Sase, Director, Executive Officer, General Manager of Business Strategy Headquarters

■ Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. Corporate Planning Department
Mr. Nao Sunaga, Business Innovation Promotion Group Head

■ Mr. Kazuo Haga, Executive Officer, Livesense Inc.

A major real estate company and a startup draw the same vision,
Develop new innovations. It ’s easy to say in words,
To achieve this collaboration, the scale, history, and environment are very different.
There is a way to connect the two organizations, communicate and continue the relationship.

What are the things, things, and attitudes necessary to co-create with startups?
We have already been working with startups early on, and we already have several examples
We ask two companies, Tokyu Housing Leasing and Mitsui Fudosan, who are producing them.

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[Track A-1] 13: 10-14: 00

Securing the development of a property / customer management system that realizes cross-border real estate transactions
~ Introducing the back of development projects composed of global members ~

■ List Co., Ltd. Information System Department IT Manager Tomoyuki Matsumura
Mr. Ryunosuke Senda IT Lead Engineer Information System Department

In partnership with Sotheby’s International Realty,
A list group with strengths in cross-border brokerage.
In Hawaii and Southeast Asia to provide seamless services
Property / customer information management system that can be used in common with overseas offices
Developed in-house in cooperation with each office.

Develop with different nationalities, backgrounds, and working offices
Introducing actual experiences during development in detail with examples.

[Track B-2] 14: 10-15: 00

“TRG (Tradage)”, a support tool for real estate salespeople utilizing AI-OCR

■ Mr. Keijiro Tanabe, Deputy General Manager, Sales Department, Tribute Tokyo Head Office
Mr. Shinsuke Nigami, Deputy Manager, Sales Department, Tokyo Head Office

Introducing TRG, a support tool for real estate salesmen that is currently being released.
As a tool to renew the analog sales style that remains in the real estate industry
Released on July 15th.
“AI-OCR” “location information service” “business card exchange function”
”The nationwide real estate salesman search function” is installed on the smartphone at hand,
From easy network expansion to information exchange and automatic document creation
It will be possible to do.

In the practical scene, how TRG (Trage) works for those working in the real estate industry
I will explain whether it will have an impact while comparing it with the current situation.

[Track B-4] 16: 10-17: 00

How should we confront the future of Real Estate Tech?

■ NTT Data Management Laboratories, Inc.
Business transformation unit
Mr. Atsushi Kawato Senior Manager Real Estate Tech Association Advisor

■ Corabit Co., Ltd. CEO Takeshi Asami

■ Sakura Office Co., Ltd. Chairman and Real Estate Consultant Mr. Osamu Nagashima

Real estate tech (PropTech / RealEstateTech) is increasingly in Japan as well as overseas.
It is getting excited.

In the future, the real estate industry in Japan will be
“What direction will it go?” “How will it change?”
Talk about the future image from various viewpoints.

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[Track B-3] 15: 10-16: 00

■ Class Hiroshi Kubo, President and CEO

■ Hosty Inc. President Hiroo Yamaguchi

■ Digital Base Capital Co., Ltd. Representative Partner Satoshi Sakurai

[Track A-4] 16: 10-17: 00


VP of Finance & Strategic Partnership Mr. Joji Kada

[Exhibition] 12: 00-18: 00
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