Food Development Exhibition 2019 October 2 (Wed)-4 (Fri), 2019 10: 00-17: 00 Tokyo Big Sight West 1 and 2 Hall & Atrium

Food Development Exhibition 2019

October 2 (Wed)-4 (Fri), 2019 10: 00-17: 00

Tokyo Big Sight West 1 and 2 Hall & Atrium


】 The 30th anniversary of the “Food Development Exhibition” commemorative seminar reception and pre-registration will start today.

This year, in addition to “Health Ingredients Japan (Hi)” and “Safety & Technology Japan (S-tec)”, “Food Taste Japan (FiT)” is a collection of ingredients, ingredients and technologies that create deliciousness. It will be held at the exhibition.

There are more than 560 exhibitors, 30 commemorative seminars, and more than 370 exhibitor presentation seminars, full of information on new materials and technologies.

—— table of contents ——

[1] Applications for commemorative seminars for food engineers are now open
[2] Visitor pre-registration started
[3] Exhibitors’ presentation seminars with over 370 courses open to the public

[1] Commemorative seminar topics & audition application start

30 courses on Hi seminar for future functional food development, FiT seminar for creation and development of deliciousness such as texture and aroma, HACCP, and S-tec seminar gathering important information related to safety, quality and regulation It will be held. (Reception started on the website from 8/5.)

This year’s Hi seminar will also focus on “Development of brain aging and dementia prevention” on October 3, “Forefront of intestinal environment improvement research” and “Development of future sports nutrition” on October 4. On October 3rd, there will be a lecture on foods with functional labeling.

The seminars on FiT are “Creation of New Deliciousness” on October 2, and “Delicious Design Considered from Texture and Scent” on October 4.

The S-tec seminar will be held on October 2nd, “Hygiene Inspection in compliance with HACCP” and on October 4th, “Countermeasures against foreign substances in the food industry”.

In addition, there will be lectures that will not be missed, such as halal, omega 3, intellectual property information, new display food and analysis technology, and functional food global torrents for 3 days.

Please use it as a place to learn information and technology for new food development. The popular course is expected to be full. We recommend that you apply early.

Click here for commemorative seminar program and application
Click here for the commemorative seminar program (electronic version)
-Wednesday, October 2-

[A] Creation of new deliciousness

1) Quantitative evaluation of sensitivity and sensuality and application to product development Shigeru Ichihara, Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Metropolitan University

2) Challenge of quantifying deliciousness and application to product development technology Gensho Nagai Director, Zensho Central Research Laboratory, Zensho Holdings Co., Ltd.

-Wednesday, October 2-

[B] Hygiene inspection corresponding to HACCP

1) Microbiological rapid testing and cost issues corresponding to HACCP (Public Corporation) Japan Bento Promotion Association Technical Advisor / Bunkyo University, Lecturer at Hattori Nutrition School Hiroshi Nakagawa, Ph.D.

2) About food allergen control program corresponding to HACCP Kuniori Tsuda Executive Officer Senior Supervisor C & S Co., Ltd. Sales Department West Japan Division

-Wednesday, October 2-

[C] New food labeling and analysis technology

1) Current status and issues of functional component analysis Meme Suzuki, Manager, Analytical Chemistry Division, Tama Research Institute, Japan Food Analysis Center

2) New raw material origin labeling system and food origin discrimination technology Yukiko Suzuki, Senior Researcher, Food Research Division, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

-Wednesday, October 2-

[D] Approach to Active Seniors “Food and Nutrition”

Co-organized by: Active Seniors “Food and Nutrition” Study Group

1) Relationship between food intake and cognitive function in the elderly Group management committee / Tokyo Metropolitan Health Longevity Medical Center Independence Promotion and Care Prevention Research Team

2) Integrated implementation of health care activities and preventive care at the place of attendance-Individual consultation on frails centered on undernutrition-Kanagawa Prefectural College of Health Sciences, Department of Nutrition, Kazumi Tanaka

3) [Effort report by supporting members]

● Bone countermeasures and tips-The effect of Bacillus subtilis C-3102 strain on bone density-Misaki Hatanaka, Product Development Department, Asahi Calpis Wellness Co., Ltd.

● Is the person old from the mouth? ! Measures for Oral Fail Utilizing Reduced CoQ10 Kaneka Co., Ltd. Pharma & Supplemental Nutrition Solutions Vehicle Supplemental Nutrition Division Research and Development Team Hitoko Sawashita

● Milk protein for active seniors and its utilization Nissei Kyobentsu Co., Ltd.

4) Outline of Japanese dietary intake standard 2020 edition: Committee member of the Society / Women’s Nutrition University Nutrition Physiology Laboratory Kazuhiro Kaminishi

-Thursday, October 3-

[R] New perspective on functional food development

● Efficient use of functional food ingredients-timing nutrition science, five-sensory nutrition science, new technology for promoting absorption-Waseda University Nano-Life Innovation Research Organization, Institute for Normative Sciences Health Food Sciences Department Kazuyoshi Yazawa

-Thursday, October 3-

[E] Development of food for preventing brain aging and dementia

1) Development of food ingredients for brain aging inhibition and dementia prevention (Associate Professor, Department of Advanced Life Sciences, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo)

2) Evaluation system for anti-aging effects of food ingredients and development of anti-aging foods Hideaki Oike Senior Researcher, Food Research Division, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization

-Thursday, October 3-

[F] Just before 2020! Latest halal certification and key to success (halal business seminar)

● [Partial] Learning success points from Muslim cases by health food / cosmetic manufacturers (no company) President of Halal Japan Association Akihiro Sakuma

● [Part 2] Halal support for health foods and cosmetics-Learning from successful and failed cases President of Josai International University (Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Josai University) Kenji Sugibayashi

● Case Presentation Seminar Manager, Corporate Planning Office, Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd. Kiyotaro Sekine and other health food companies

● [Part 3] The latest halal certification seminars in Indonesia, Malaysia, and UAE, which are considered promising as markets

-Thursday, October 3-

[G] Global trends in functional foods

1) Continuing change in health: How to find and review new values ​​in the world’s case examples Euro Monitor Sales Manager Account Management Yuya Otaki

2) Growing supplements, health foods and beverages market: What is required in Asia now? Euromonitor Research Senior Analyst Meie Matsunaga

-Thursday, October 3-

[H] Evolving Japanese food function labeling system and its overseas expansion (TTC seminar)

● Topics on foods for specified health use Hiroshi Tsuchida, Director of Foods for Specified Health and Nutrition Foods Department, Japan Health and Nutrition Food Association

● A new challenge for the Health Food Industry Council in the age of decency (one company) Chairman, Health Food Industry Council Masafumi Hashimoto

● Subcommittee activities for improving the functional labeling food system of the Health Food Industry Council Morinaga Seika Research Institute, Health Science Research Center Health Appraisal Group Manager / Chairman of the Health Food Industry Council Guidelines Division Eisaku Nishimura

● About clinical trial methods for mild cases / Introduction of the functional labeling food system in Korea TTC President & CEO Tetsuro Yamamoto

● Revision of the functional labeling food system and application to anti-aging (Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University / Member of the Regulatory Reform Promotion Committee, Cabinet Office) Ryuichi Morishita

-Thursday, October 3-

[I] Global Omega-3 Market: Domestic Trends and Outlook (GOED Seminar)

● Current status of EPA / DHA functional labeling products and market expansion Kenichi Yanagimoto, Manager, Functional Materials Development Section, Food Science Laboratory, Nippon Suisan Co., Ltd.

● Omega 3 market in Japan and overseas: Understanding the power to move the market and consumer movements GOED Omega-3 Executive Director Ellen Schutt

● Current status of DHA / EPA users in Japan Takeshi Takeda, President, Global Nutrition Group, Inc.

-Thursday, October 3-

[J] Opening up the food market by analyzing and utilizing intellectual property information

1) Differentiation strategy based on application patents for “functionality” and “deliciousness” Masanori Haruna, Partner Patent Attorney, UNIAS International Patent Office

2) “Collecting and Visualizing Intellectual Property Information” using AI “Patentfield Co., Ltd.” Naoya Murakami, Kosuke Ishizu

3) Brand strategy for new development of functional foods, 3 points, Partner Patent Attorney, UNIUS International Patent Office Katsuji Ishikawa

-Friday, October 4-

[K] The forefront of intestinal environment improvement research

1) Food research and development aimed at improving the intestinal environment Yuji Naito, Associate Professor, Department of Gastroenterology, Kyoto Medical University

2) Creation of new food functions through intestinal bacterial metabolism and its application Professor Jun Ogawa, Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University

-Friday, October 4-

[L] Future sports nutrition development

1) New sports supplement guidelines and future sports supplement development Katsumi Sugiura, Professor, Department of Sports Wellness, College of Community Welfare, Rikkyo University

2) Takeda Takeda, President, Global Nutrition Group, Inc. Latest Trends in Western Sports Nutrition

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