January 29 (Wed)-31 (Fri), 2020 at Intex Osaka The 4th [Kansai] Information Security EXPO will be held.

January 29 (Wed)-31 (Fri), 2020 at Intex Osaka
The 4th [Kansai] Information Security EXPO will be held.

Currently, there are only a few booth locations that can be exhibited.

We will send you the materials that show “exhibition fee”, “vacant booth position” etc.
If you are interested, please contact us from the following [reply form].

■ With the “4th 【Kansai】 Information Security EXPO”
[Target of exhibition] Manufacturer, system integrator dealing with the following
● Cyber ​​attack measures ● Information leak measures ● IT asset management ● Endpoint security etc

[Target for visitors] Persons in the following departments of companies, government offices and organizations
● Information system ● Manager, management plan ● General affairs, human resources, accounting ● System development etc

«Contents of the materials to be delivered»
● Exhibition fee
● Latest booth status available
● Face of visitor, exhibition situation of other companies

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● You can apply for request for exhibition data from the following web form
[January 2020 Kansai Exhibition] >>> https://www.japan-it-osaka.jp/ex_eme/
[October 2019 Autumn Exhibition] >>> https://www.japan-it-autumn.jp/ex_eme/
[April 2020 Spring Exhibition] >>> https://www.japan-it-spring.jp/ex_eme/

【Overview of held】-Information security EXPO held three times a year-
4th 【Kansai】 Information Security EXPO
[Period] January 29 (Wed)-31 (Fri) 2020
[Venue] INTEX Osaka
[Details] https://www.japan-it-osaka.jp/ist_eme/

■ The 9th Information Security EXPO 【Autumn】
[Period] October 23 (Wed)-25 (Fri) 2019
[Venue] Makuhari Messe
[Details] https://www.japan-it-autumn.jp/ist_eme/

17th Information Security EXPO [Spring]
[Period] April 8 (Wed)-10 (Fri) 2020
[Venue] Tokyo Big Sight
[Details] https://www.japan-it-spring.jp/ist_eme/

※ Please see the website for details such as simultaneous exhibitions

We look forward to your reply.
Thank you very much.

■ Contact
Organizer Reed Exhibition Japan Ltd.
【Kansai】 Information Security EXPO Secretariat

TEL: 03-3349-8504 FAX: 03-3349-8500

Shinjuku Nomura Building, 18th floor, 1-26-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0570

【FABEX NEWS】 【Final application】 Information for sponsorship and exhibition to the Pancon contest sponsored by Les Ambassador du Pan de Japon

We will deliver the latest information on FABEX and FABEX Kansai, organized by Nippon Food Shimbun.

About FABEX Kansai >> It is the largest general trade fair for food in Kansai. It will be held at INTEX Osaka on October 16th (Wed)-18th (Fri) of 2019.
Click here for details → kansai.fabex.jp/

[Final application] Information for the cosponsored exhibitor to the Panconsourt sponsored by Les Ambassador du Pan de Japon

A pan contest organized by Les Ambassadeurs du Pan de Japon will be held at FABEX Kansai.
Aiming to further revitalize the Japanese bread industry, Les Ambassador du Pan de Japon will be held as a united event, and it will be a notable event that many people from the bread industry will attend.
For Les Ambassadeurs du Pan de Japon and other members with a business in the bakery industry, please have a booth near the venue of this tournament.

【Message from Les Basse du R du Pan de Japon: FABEX Kansai Steering Committee】

Les Ambassadeurs du Pan de Japon

Chairman / Kawa Co., Ltd. Representative Director Yoshihiro Kawa

Vice Chairman / Noriaki Ushio, Senior Managing Director, Le Still Inc.

Vice-President / Boureninge Parigo owner chef Abe Ryuzo

Director / Bon Vybon owner chef Yusuke Kodama

Executive director / Boolerie ・ Friend owner chef Yusuke Taniguchi
At Les Ambassadeurs du Pan de Japon, the pre-committee of Mondial du Pan’s Japan Representatives in France will be held in France.
By providing young people who can be active in the world and a place to go to the world convention, we will strive to become a tournament that will lead to the development and raising of the Japanese bread industry.
Therefore, we would like to thank you, in the form of a co-sponsored exhibitor, for your contribution to this exhibition, as well as to everyone who can agree with the contest and the purpose of our activities.
Please contact the secretariat if you would like to sponsor a special event at the special event.
We look forward to your support.
The deadline for the co-sponsored exhibition will be until July 19 (Fri), so please answer the details in the following questionnaire.
The sales representative will contact you later.


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