The theme is “ET (Embedded Tech) x ET (Edge Tech)”

Edge Technology Comprehensive Exhibition to Realize a Smart Society

Embedded Technology West 2019 / IoT Technology West 2019

13th June 2019 (Fri) @ Grand Front Osaka

Embedded Technology / IoT Technology Mail News 2019.5.28 Vol.15

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The theme is “ET (Embedded Tech) x ET (Edge Tech)”

Edge Technology Comprehensive Exhibition to Realize a Smart Society

Embedded Technology West 2019 / IoT Technology West 2019

13th June 2019 (Fri) @ Grand Front Osaka

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An audience participant type session unique to West!
Pay attention to the heat-up sessions that bring fun and hot discussions!

Based on technology, trends and business issues related to embedded and IoT, by experts in each field
The heat up session is where the hot debate is unfolded.
The Kansai-specific Nori also helps, and it is also popular that “a story only here” flies.

This time again, we will deliver on the theme of issues in system development and business promotion.
Please listen by all means.

■ Heat-up session ■

【Free to attend / Pre-registration system】
The seats are already filled one after another. If you would like to attend, please apply early.

・ 6/13 (Thu)

▼ The practice of IoT that consultants, government agencies, and education professionals talk about
[HU-1] Think of IoT professionals as “IoT utilization techniques!”
… Is IoT really usable? If you don’t know how to talk yeah!

・ Moderator / Mr. Yoshihiro Matsuo
Fujitsu Learning Media Co., Ltd. West Japan Solution Department /
ET ROBOCON Kansai area secretary director / IoT test user test development WG member

・ Panelist
Mitsuru Chikamori Executive Director / IoT Certification Committee /
Sartpro Co., Ltd. President and CEO
Hiroyuki Tashiro Axia Partner Representative
Tomichi Tachibana ABeam Consulting Co., Ltd.
P & T Digital Business Unit IoT Sector Director / IoT Sector Head
Ichiro Ogino Chief Executive Officer, SME Support Office, Commerce and Industry Division, Osaka Prefecture

・ 6/14 (Fri)

▼ The know-how that embedded TDD engineers in Kansai can use on site
[HU-2] Embedded Legacy Code TDD Recipe

Takayuki Ohta Embedded TDD Study Session Kansai / EmbeddedWings Inc.
Takafumi Otani Embedded TDD Study Session Kansai
Osamu Ooba Embedded TDD Study Session Kansai
Mr. Shuji Kodama Embedded TDD Study Group Kansai
Takeo Kondo Embedded TDD Study Session Kansai
Ryo Sasaki embedded TDD study session Kansai
Satoshi Hara Embedded TDD Study Session Kansai /
Nisshin Systems Co., Ltd. System Development Division

▼ Thorough discussion of the key issues of IoT business development and issues of open innovation
[HU-3] Solve the mystery of promoting open innovation!
… talk about the future with industry-academia experts

・ Moderator / Mr. Naoya Maekawa
General Manager, Future Strategy Office, Nissin Systems Co., Ltd.

・ Panelist
Kazuo Enomoto Renesas Electronics Corporation
Chief Engineer, Automotive Solutions Division
Shunpei Tamada Deputy Director, Graduate School of Corporate Strategy, Kwansei Gakuin University
Kazuhisa Kamogawa Deputy Director, Information Systems Department, Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.
Junichi Yoshida General Manager, Technology Innovation Headquarters, NTT DATA Corporation
Mitsunashi Yoshida Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Ritsumeikan University

▼ ET West Cup will be held again this year!

※ This session will be on the day of the event. Please come to the venue directly.

[HU-4] Move the robot again this year. Highlights of the ET Robocon 2019, key points!
The wave of reform of working style is also for ET Robocon. . .
How can we expect a challenging competition this year?

Hiroyuki Takahashi Chief Technology Chair, ET Robocon Headquarters
Mr. Masami Iwahashi ET ROBOCON Kansai District Executive Committee
Mr. Satoshi Sato ET ROBOCON Kansai area former operation chairperson
Mr. Yoshihiro Matsuo Executive Director, ET Robocon Kansai District

■ Conduct various other sessions ■

Exhibitor seminars where key vendors deliver the latest valuable information, results of industry and technology research
JASA seminars will be held to disseminate technical information centered on presentations.

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