From the advanced case of the “winner” company to the “common failure”, the know-how for EC success is transmitted! E-commerce fair osaka 2019

From the advanced case of the “winner” company to the “common failure”, the know-how for EC success is transmitted!
E-commerce fair osaka 2019

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【New presentation seminar】

[G-3] 5/29 (Wed) 11:15 to 11:45
What is the focus on AI-OCR, which can be used to streamline fax orders frequently in BtoB transactions?
Furthermore, the method to open the net wholesale simultaneously is released!

Net shop support room
B2B · BBC Division Manager
Ryohei Miyake

[D-6] 5/29 (Wed) 14: 15-14: 45
[D-16] 5/30 (Thu) 14:30-15:00
Improve the quality of EC site and improve sales by utilizing the Civil Code revision

President and CEO
Mr. Yoichiro Takedo

[D-14] 5/30 (Thu) 13:00-13:30
Net shop sales 2.5 times in information analysis! Example of data utilization and marketing strategy

EC Solution Evangelist
Mr. Kazuhiro Tomoda

[G-15] 5/30 (Thu) 13:45-14:15
You can shop with just your email address and mobile phone number!
New cashless payment that brings up sales realized by Paidy

Sales West Japan Area Sales Representative
Ryota Yoshioka

[G-17] 5/30 (Thu) 15:15-15:45
EC credit card fraud damage amount to the 20 billion yen level! ?
Introduction of the implementation plan of the credit card fraud measures and its countermeasure examples

O-PLUX Division Group Manager
Yasutaka Aoki

[F-16] 5/30 (Thu) 16: 00-16: 45
Google search latest information 2019

Senior Search Evangelist
Takeaki Kanaya

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«Keynote Speech»

[F-0] 5/29 (Wed) 09:20 to 10:10
Seamless retailing realized through fusion of real stores and online

Japan Toys R Us
Senior Director, E-Commerce Headquarters
Shingo Nishihara

[F-10] 5/30 (Thu) 09:20 to 10:10
EC and real stores. What does the retail business survive?

Large city
Takehito Yamada

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[Introduction of Products and Services] ※ Excerpt

Spelldata ★ First Exhibition

Items exhibited:
・ Market share No.1 Web performance measurement Catchpoint
・ Web performance improvement consulting
・ Oracle / SQL Server optimization Majesty
・ World No. 1 CDN CloudflareNew Item
・ Image optimization tool SmartJPEG
・ Access analysis of open source MatomoNew Item

Booth Highlights: On the spot, we hold “EC Site Performance PIT” to check the quality of your EC site.
・ Display start, display complete time
-Number of errors in source code
・ Document structure
Check the etc and present data as what is the problem.
By improving the quality of the EC site, you as well as other customers can triple sales
Do you have a great impact on your business, such as achieving record highs and making stock prices high?

Web Technology ★ First Exhibition

Exhibition item: Smart JPEG

Booth Highlights: SmartJPEG is a “solution that reduces image file weight” while keeping the image quality clean.
By reducing the weight of the file, you reduce the transfer cost and cost for server storage.
Because the processing is performed automatically, the work cost can be reduced. Consultation about introduction
Feel free to come and visit us for reduction reports etc. using your image.


Exhibition item: Criteo dynamic retargeting advertisement
Criteo Audience Match
Criteo Customer Acquisition
Booth Highlights: Criteo offers an open advertising platform on the Internet
We are accelerating business expansion from retargeting to full funnel.
At the Criteo booth, employees will explain the product outline and attractiveness, so please stop by!

JOOM ★ first exhibition

Exhibited items: Mobile-specific cross-border EC marketplace

Booth highlights: JOOM combines mobile shopping and social media
Cross-border EC marketplace was launched in 2016 in Europe.
Within three years of launch, the number of users worldwide has grown to more than 200 million.
This time, we will introduce the benefits of social cross-border EC with no hurdles in Japanese sellers.

H2 O style net ★ first exhibition

Exhibited item: E-Commerce exclusive automatic shooting studio

The highlight of the booth: A system that utilizes the know-how of a small studio camera
Equipped with retouching technology, high-quality and speedy shooting, even without expertise
You can eject data. By making photos in-house, while making time and people as efficient as possible,
It will be possible to post more product photos.

▼ List of Exhibitors
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● EC site operator must-see know-how seminar!

[G-2] 5/29 (Wed) 10:30-11:00
2019 first edition ecbeing latest case seminar
~ What the winning ec site operator thinks and carries out ~

Kansai Branch Executive Officer and General Manager, Kansai Branch
Mr. Atsushi Muroga

[F-4] 5/29 (Wed) 13:00-13:45
Company EC, common point of “common failure” to notice from the start
~ Your company’s EC strategy for sales increase To

Future shop
Business Strategy Department

Takayuki Yasuhara

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