Next month, it will be held from April 10 (Wed) to 12 (Fri) We would like to inform you that you would like to participate in the Japan IT Week 2020 Exhibition Consultation Meeting.

We become indebted to. It is the Japan IT Week secretariat.

Next month, it will be held from April 10 (Wed) to 12 (Fri)
We would like to inform you that you would like to participate in the Japan IT Week 2020 Exhibition Consultation Meeting.

Application will start from next April 20 (Mon) of Japan IT Week [spring] next year 2020.
Therefore, we will hold an “Exhibitor Consultation Meeting” during the Japan IT Week [Spring] period.
Please join us by all means.

If you are interested in expanding sales channels, of course, if you are considering exhibitions,
People who want to consider exhibitions in the future can also participate.

On the day,
● Next exhibition summary
● Exhibition results of other companies
● Visitor information ・ ・ ・ etc
We will also provide you with information that you can only tell at this place.
If you are interested in exhibiting, I would appreciate your time adjustment.

Could you please reply by filling in the available time zone below?
We apologize for the inconvenience, but kindly thank you.

※ If you have difficulty joining, it would be appreciated if you could transfer it to another person in charge.
In that case, please send the following reply form to the email address of this email signature.

=================== 【Reply form】 ======================== ==

【Time zone for participating in the exhibition consultation meeting】
(※ Please tell us your desired time zone. We will contact you after adjustment)

[] Participate in the exhibition conference

● April 10 (Wed) []-[] time
● April 11 (Thu) []-[] Time
● April 12th (Fri) []-[] time

[] I can not participate, but I would like materials for exhibition consideration

company name :
Affiliation / Position:
Contact on the day (mobile):
Products handled:

** Please reply early as the number of seats is limited.

============================================================= =====================

  ┌ ┐
│Exhibitor Conference Outline │ “Free participation fee”
  └ ┘

 【Date】 April 10 (Wed) to 12 (Fri) 10:00 to 18:00 20 April 2019 ※ Until 12 (Fri) only 17:00
          ※ We carry out in individual form. (Time required: about 15 minutes)

 [Place] Tokyo Big Sight West Exhibition Building

 [Target exhibition]
The 29th Japan IT Week [Spring]
            -The 29th Software & Application Development Exhibition [Spring]
            -25th Sales Automation · CRM EXPO [Spring]
(Formerly: Big Data Utilization Exhibition [Spring])
            -The 22nd Data Center & Storage EXPO [Spring]
(Formerly: Data Center Exhibition [Spring] / Data Storage EXPO)
            -17th Information Security EXPO [Spring]
            -14th Web & Digital Marketing EXPO [Spring]
            -The 11th Cloud Business Reform EXPO [Spring]
(Formerly: Cloud Computing EXPO [Spring] / Mobile Application Exhibition [Spring])
            -The 8th Next Generation EC & Store EXPO [Spring]
(Formerly: Mail-order Solutions Exhibition [Spring] / Store IT Solution Exhibition [Spring])
            -The 3rd AI, Business Automation Exhibition [Spring]
            -The 23rd Embedded System Development Technology Exhibition [Spring]
-The 9th IoT / M2M Exhibition [Spring]

※ We will also introduce the Fall Exhibition in October 2019 and the Kansai Exhibition in January 2020.
10th Japan IT Week [Autumn]
■ 4th Japan IT Week [Kansai]

 [Contents] ● Exhibition overview, merits and information on the exhibition results of other companies
          ● Presentation of the booth position that can be exhibited (you can secure the exhibition position on the spot)
          ● Exhibition of previous exhibitors and visitors
          ● Demonstration of advance appointment system
          ● Create a quote for the exhibition fee

  • Probable figures including simultaneous exhibitions. There is a possibility of increase or decrease at the time of holding.

We look forward to your participation.

Thank you very much.

Reed Exhibition Japan Ltd.
Japan IT Week Secretariat

TEL: 03-3349-8504
Fax: 03-3349-8500

163 163-0570
1-26-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Shinjuku Nomura Building 18F

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