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Fashion World Tokyo Office.

Well, it will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from March 27 (Wednesday)
Yes, but are you ready for your visit?

This year, with the first 220 exhibitors, 750 exhibitors from 40 countries around the world.
If you do not have an invitation ticket for this exhibition yet, please complete from the following.

 ● Invitation ticket application (free) >>
 (If you do not have it, the entrance fee is 5,000 yen. You need one card per person)


  1. [Exhibition summary] March 27 (Wed)-29 (Fri) Tokyo Big Sight … to the following 1
  2. [Concept] Attendees and exhibitors … to 2 below
  3. 【Featured Products】 Featured Featured Brands / Featured Product Features ・ ・ ・ Next 3
  4. 【Seminar】 Free lectures by topic instructors are also enhanced … To the following 4
  5. [VIP registration] prepare various benefits to those who have a manager or higher … To the following 5


1. Exhibition overview

[Lead sponsored] Japan’s largest fashion exhibition! 750 companies exhibit

6th International Fashion World Tokyo [Spring]
-Brands from 40 countries around the world exhibit in one hall-

・ Apparel EXPO ・ Bag EXPO
・ Shoes EXPO ・ Accessory EXPO

[Simultaneous holding]
    4th International Fashion
                  Production / Material World Tokyo [Spring]
   -OEM companies around the world / production plants and materials exhibit-

  ・ Fashion OEM EXPO ・ Fabric ・ Material EXPO

============================================================= =========================
■ Date: March 27 (Wed)-29 (Fri), 2019 10:00-17:00
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight
■ Organizer: Reed Exhibition Japan Ltd.

2. Concept-Visitors and Exhibitors-

The following buyers, planning, management, design, production
◆ Select shop ◆ Department store, boutique
◆ mail order · net shop ◆ trading company, wholesale
◆ Manufacturer, SPA
◆ Retailers / Distributors who want to handle fashion products anew

The following manufacturers, trading companies, wholesalers, OEM companies, production contract factories, etc.
◆ Women’s Wear ◆ Men’s Wear ◆ Baby & Kids
◆ Bag ◆ Shoes ◆ Accessories
◆ Accessories · miscellaneous goods ◆ fabric · materials ◆ IT … etc

  ※ Exhibitor / product search >>

3. Featured Exhibit Brands and Products Featured

 Featured products of the 2019 Spring Exhibition are on display!

◆ Special feature on designer area
◆ Imported Brand Feature (Apparel)
◆ Made in Japan Brand-Japanese Takumi-Feature
◆ AI · Fashion Tech Feature
◆ Insta bright unique product feature
 ◆ K-Fashion (Korea) finally lands in Japan in large quantities! Feature
◆ Demand surges! Sports fashion feature … etc

※ Feature list is here >>

4. All 38 seminars held at the same time (free of charge) [pre-registration required]

◆ Keynote Speech / Special Lecture
◆ Training seminars for store managers and sales personnel
◆ EC operation seminar
◆ SNS utilization seminar
◆ Overseas production · OEM seminar
◆ 38 lectures including AI and fashion tech seminars

※ It will be closed as soon as it becomes full. Apply now from the following

5. VIP registration manager manager job or more person who has authority of purchasing and selection limited

We offer various benefits. please register.

  1. Person who is more than manager’s position such as retailer, wholesale / import / export shop, maker.
  2. Those involved in selection and ordering, such as MD, buyers, design, and production personnel.
     ※ There is a possibility that VIP special invitation ticket can not be sent to person except the above
    Please note that it is available.

※ VIP registration (free) is >>

We look forward to your visit to the secretariat.

■ 【Invited ticket】 Admission is free.

■ Next exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight, October 2 (Wed)-4 (Fri), 2019
Click here if you are interested

Organizer Reed Exhibition Japan Ltd.
Fashion World Office

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TEL: 03-6634-0787
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