Things to think with this year’s CP +

CP + is held at Yokohama Pacifico every year with cameras and photo video events. I always feel full of excitement, but the impression is that there are a bit of incongruity this past few times.
I myself went to see it and went to see photos and articles, but recently in most cases smartphones are enough. Of course take pictures with smartphones and post articles with smartphone and Bluetooth keyboard. Also fix the photo with smartphone software. Up to the site is from smartphone.
Smartphones are getting enough in the quality of the pictures in recent years. This year ‘s CP + was taken with a Leica camera of HUAWEI Mate 10 Pro. It’s an old smartphone but it’s enough for me. Other exhibitions also use OPPO R15 Pro and Xperia XZ Premium. It seems that there is a habit of photographs little by little, expert amateurs (like myself) are enough, and I think that most people who actually use normal cameras are using smartphones. In that case, I think that positioning of smartphone cameras is also important in CP +. It will be the idea of ​​the organizer how it will be taken in the future development, but I definitely want you to make a corner of smartphone camera. I think that there are various new projects.