I went to various exhibitions such as Retail Tech. . . After all it is feeling that payment type payment and uninhabited stores are going to go at a stroke while trial and error.

It seems that cashless settlement is entering the age of warring States for a while, such as promotion of various companies and introduction to shops, but from now onwards black ship will come out suddenly with different kind and unexpectedly different kind .

Well, until now, the transportation system such as Felica has worked hard, but depending on the future trend of smaho, it may be possible to assume that the power is dropped all at once. As consumers also learn, dare to choose a cheap SIM and SIM-free cheap smaho without contracting with the career so far, and as the career forcibly compels Felica counterparts It will be difficult to ask you.

SIM free There is almost no Felica in a cheap smartphone, and there is only one oppo R15 PRO of the previous generation that supports Felica with dual SIM, and its successor model does not come out either. Well, it is like feeling how much Felica is ignored from overseas in Galapagos.

Furthermore, reviewing the major mobile plan of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Reflecting the communication · Terminal fee “Complete separation plan” and expanding the hardware in the transition to 5 G, etc. I think that I do not know what will happen to the carrier-led Felica installation so far I guess.

So it seems that various means of payment are appearing at this timing.

Activities for unattended stores also appeared quite a bit. It seems that Amazon gave way to a new era, but considering the lack of talent, the increase in foreign workers and the reform of work style, it seems that business types similar to unmanned shops will come out further in various industries and business types here and there I will. If we do not handle the cash at the store, the staff can return immediately at the time of closing and it is said that the cash register does not need anything like the one of the past so that the work system at the shop so far changed dramatically Let’s see. In addition, since it will come to be able to purchase and ship from inventory from the tablet, wasteful inventory of the store will not be needed, and customers familiar with sales staff will be able to handle themselves by themselves I guess.

So, I think that it is necessary to shift real VMD and signage up to now to a new dimension.

For example, from the delivered state, if you place it on the sales floor as it is, the era such as becoming VMD will become normal. It will happen that shipping centers that ship in a state that they can be used as they are in real shops by setting the VMD package with the assumption of cross MD with the advanced shipping center becoming sophisticated will be operating soon I guess it is.

This is the deciding factor of the omni channel.

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