Retail Tech Japan 2019

This year’s Retail Tech used cashless settlement and AI utilizing data in many cases. This time I went to the interview with exhibitors who are themed on distribution.

It is a solution for Panasonic’s distribution. First of all, I touch the terminal of a store with a smartphone, and it is a mechanism to utilize it for customer service by gathering it and already existing customer related data.
It may be a realistically effective way in the reality where sales are deprived of the net and operation is not established in showroom type shops. It will be effective for selling specific areas.
If you work with Panasonic’s other solutions, you will be able to do more interesting things.

It is an elecom store solution. Since we are doing a large number of developments at appliances specialty stores etc., we develop practical solutions. If you connect further from analysis to action plan, it seems that usage range will be further increased.

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