FOODEX Ôdeep is harvested on the high seas, 300-meter depth, where the marine environment is pure, clean and mineral-rich. Whether off the coast of Miami, Monaco or Tahiti, Ôdeep reveals the richness and virtues of the ocean depths. Its crisp robe and fresh taste make for a pleasurable drink which may be enjoyed at any time of day.

Water brands are said to have 1000 brands when counting domestic and imported items. Consumption itself is high, but in general price competition seems to be severe among brands.
But the business model of deep ocean water actually dropping from the deep ocean of the ocean and bottling on the ship is simple, but it can be said that it is a very romantic product.
I was impressed first that there is such branding as well.
Until now, I felt that it was antithesis-like to those methods that had only differentiation with reservoirs, hardness of soft water or hard water, and water components. It is quite fresh marketing.

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