I went to the international hotel restaurant show.

I went to the international hotel restaurant show.

Problems with accommodations such as hotels and inns are to efficiently fill the rooms at efficient prices, but the industry is also required to utilize big data and use AI.

Administrators raised and lowered prices while watching something like a booking site if you used methods.

That is that AI will make judgment materials. It is a method of deriving pricing while merging data of other individual accommodation places, the number of accesses, the number of accesses,comparison sites and booking sites. I think that the photos and contents in WEB and SNS will change and the content of the proposed event will change so that it automatically and frequently becomes superior if it gets steadily higher.

As we can also evaluate accommodation on the AI ​​side, we will be able to differentiate and differentiate management efficiency while looking at the evaluation, enclosing what kind of customers as a result and enabling coexistence with the powerhouse to some extent It is amazing. This is up to the level up on the AI ​​side, but it is expected by providers of future solutions.

I will post pictures in other columns.

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