AI I often see in exhibitions recently

AI I often see in exhibitions recently

I think that AI is somewhat impressive, but in short, in short, I think that it will be the correlation in the statistics. The data scientist may say that correlation is essential if it can be displayed visually clearly based on a large variety of explanatory factors and overwhelmingly large amounts of data.

However, at such a level no matter how much it will not be friendly to the user side. Because those who wish to utilize have diverse values, experience and understanding, and the position of the person who adjusts to it is the role of the data scientist side.

The data scientist, from the viewpoint of data analysis, in order to carry out the action plan after actually understanding by the other party while repeating the feedback with the opponent based on the analyzable data, and to advance the result further We must support.

Even if you make a mistake, there is no point in the data scientist that just inexperienced the scene or only won the opponent in smoke. Explanation from the standpoint of the other party is also the minimum condition. It is also essential to have experience on the site for quite a long time. It is also essential that you actually run the action plan and experience it again and again no matter where you adjusted

The side that executes the action plan must not become a robot. In addition, we must work hard in order to point out hypotheses and possibilities in the data scientist. There are also roles for people who are said to be the current data scientist (although I think that it is still too much in fact) to foster.

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