[Kansai] Food service Business week 2019

Business negotiation exhibition that supports “creating shops where people gather”

[Kansai] Food Eating Business Week collects ingredients, drinks, facilities, and services together, creates encounters with visitors, restaurants and hotels, and aims to contribute to revitalizing the restaurant industry I will.
In order for eating and drinking establishments to continuously generate sales, we must continue to attract customers.
In addition, shortage of employees is screaming throughout the industry, “attracting staff” is also a big issue.
At this exhibition, a large number of owners and buyers of restaurants, hotels, hotels will visit, seeking all proposals to become “shops where people (customers / staff) gather, prosperous store”.
It is a great place to sell your products and services for high quality visitors aiming to create a store where people gather, which will be the theme of this time.

Dates May 14 (Tue), 15 (Wednesday), 16 (Thu) on May 14, 2019
10: 00 ~ 17: 00 (the last day until 16: 00)
Venue INTEX Osaka
Organizer [Kansai] Food Service Business Week Executive Committee
Number of exhibitors (planned) 300 companies
Number of visitors (planned) 30,000
Supported (planned) Kinki Agriculture Administration
Kinki Bureau of Economy,
(Public Goods) Osaka Tourism Bureau
Osaka prefecture
(One company) All Japan · Journal of food science
Osaka Prefecture Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation
Osaka Chamber of Commerce
Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry Federation
Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Nara Prefectural Chamber of Commerce Association
Hyogo Prefecture Chamber of Commerce Association
Cooperation (planned) (Kobunshi) Japan Cooking Association Federation
(Public Corporation) All Japan Jobs Association
(Public company) Japan Chinese Cuisine Association
(Kojundo) Osaka Food Hygiene Association
(One company) Osaka Food Service Industry Association
(One company) Osaka Prefecture Cooking Association
Osaka Prefecture Cooking Skills School Association
Nationwide noodles cooperative association
Osaka prefecture noodle shop industry cooperative association
(One company) Japan praised gurus association
(One company) Japan Ramen Association
NPO corporation Izakaya Koshien
Road to a prosperous NPO corporation
【Osaka Prefecture Dining Ryokan Lifestyle Sanitation Association】
Osaka prefecture noodles cafeteria business life sanitation association association
Osaka prefecture cafe tea drinking and eating health association association
Osaka prefecture 鮓 Commerce and Sanitary Social Work Association
Osaka Prefecture Ryokan Hotel Living Sanitation Association
Osaka prefecture Chinese cuisine life sanitation association union
Osaka prefecture cooking industry sanitation association association
Osaka prefectural socialization food and drink business life sanitation association union
Osaka prefecture food and drink industry life sanitation association association
Special event (plan) · Special seminar
· Live Kitchen Stage
· Premium matching
· New product collection
· Photogenic menu collection
· Japanese Cuisine Exhibition Corner
· Osaka prefecture food safety and security award ceremony 2019
Entrance method Invitee registration system (limited to those in the industry and scheduled to start)
※ If you do not have pre-registration and you do not have an invitation ticket, an admission fee of ¥ 5,000 (tax included) is required.
※ For those who do not have business cards, general people, people accompanying children, students, under the age of 18
You can not enter.

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