Exhibition business model

Exhibition business model

It is certain that it is much more efficient to look for new business partners than to run around like a long time ago. However, the exhibition is 3-4 days at the most. It is impossible for me to go to the exhibition relying on the attractiveness of the organizers.

Exhibition organizers also seem to be doing their best by utilizing the net, but there is no way that information will be continuously transmitted for each individual exhibitor. Although it is also pretending that it diffuses information by SNS, it is also in many places such as the number of followers such as 3 digits 4 digits etc. It is the level that we are doing once if we see it. Actually it is a level that has little effect.

Then it will be how far the store opens the store, but the effect of the business model of the exhibition will change greatly depending on the extent to which movement before and after the exhibition is carried out. The exhibition tends to be effective only for people who can visit during the meeting for only a couple of days but also to those who have grasped the timing to successfully negotiate among them, but at the actual crowded venues, they will deeply communicate at about business card exchanges It is difficult to do.

Therefore, it depends on how far and wide the depth and the extent to which the company that opened the store can deliver information by net utilization can be utilized before and after. Of course real sales are also important at the same time. There are many places that is hardly done in practice.

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