There was a greeting by Nobuyuki Haga, President and Representative Director, Business Guide Company, Limited.

There was a greeting by Nobuyuki Haga, President and Representative Director, Business Guide Company, Limited.
Everyone, good morning.
Finally, for the 4 days from February 12th to 15th today, using the whole of Tokyo Big Sight here, “87th Tokyo International Gift · Show Spring 2019”, “5th LIFE × DESIGN”, ” 59th International Premium · Incentive Show Spring 2019 “and” 25th Gourmet & Dining Style Show Spring 2019 “will be held.

First of all, I would like to say a few words in the opening.
Thanks to everyone’s support and efforts with the participation of the exhibitors, the visitors, and the government agencies and organizations that supported us and gifts and shows, I would like to express my deepest appreciation for taking this opportunity to celebrate this day.
This “Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2019” will be held on the theme of “Challenge to healthy and active life style PART II”. The number of exhibitors was 2,539 companies, 266 companies from 16 countries and regions participated in domestic overseas exhibitors. Including the simultaneous exhibition, about 4,000 companies will be used, and using the entire Tokyo Big Sight building, total exhibition area 97, 420 square meters, will be held gorgeously.

This Tokyo gift show classifies this big Tokyo Big Site site into 8 categories and 49 fairs.
“Lifestyle, design, new era LIFE × DESIGN” exhibits 400 brands / 10,000 items for designing living on the theme of “Let’s discover the design of Japan!” The hall is the East 7 Hall. “Personal gift · My room · My goods”, “Character · license · Entertainment” is East 1 ~ 3 Hall, “Home fashion goods village” is East 4 ~ 6 Hall, “Theme Village for women stylish miscellaneous world “Beauty and health village” “Lifestyle miscellaneous village” is West 1 and 2 Hall / atrium, and “Overseas pavilion GLOBAL” in addition.
The eight categories are important key concepts that make up the Tokyo Gift Show. These eight categories with expertise for domestic and foreign purchasing buyers are very useful for finding the targeted products.

Well, here are a few highlights of the sights and events of the year.
(1) First of all, it is about “5th LIFE × DESIGN” which will be held at the East Hall 7.
In this issue, we will collect essential products for lifestyle creation and diversifying lifestyle, such as latest design products, Japanese manufacturing, renovation, materials etc, with the theme “Let’s discover the design of Japan” , Highly sensitive distributors seeking high-quality merchandise, professional buyers such as business gifts purchasing department of major companies, owner and real estate owner, hotel opening preparation room, building and design office, major real estate, house maker, renovation industry etc. We will expand the business of everyone in the living related industry.
The venue features “Active Design & Craft Fair” which gathers avant-garde design products, “Japan Brand Fair” which made modern traditional techniques of Japanese craftsmen, appealing materials and technology, “SOZAI Exhibition” to Expand Possibilities, Business Place for Talented Creators and Sensitive Buyers “ACTIVE CREATORS” Business Areas from the Interior SHOP to the Real Estate and Residential Industry Business Areas Beyond the Fence of the Industry “Renovation Zone”, etc. LIFE × It is made up of attractive categories unique to DESIGN.
Also, we have exhibited “Lightning Housing Ave.”, A tag created by “California Construction Store” specializing in the lighting of the magazine “Lightning” proposing American lifestyle and California taste, already established a genre, Future of “Northern Europe” which became an indispensable existence in life, full of highlights such as “START SCANDINAVIA” which chose a lot of items by the gift · show’s own perspective was introduced.
(2) The theme of the Tokyo Gift Show this time is “Challenge to health and active lifestyle PART II”. We will hold a special theme exhibition event with this theme at the entrance of East 5 Hall.
With the advent of a declining birthrate and an aging society, consumers are paying attention to outdoor style through sports such as running and gramping, golfing and other exchanges, and the trend of expanding new markets continues. Health is that everything is satisfied physically and mentally.
It is important to encourage exchanges between people and people, society and realize the creation of healthy and healthy social capital. This event consists of five exhibition categories, “active”, “healthy”, “nature”, “social exchange” and “social contribution”, and we propose a new market for sending “gift · show” to all visitors I will.
(3) At the East 2 Hall, “Anime · Comics & Character License Fair” will be held. This fair is targeted by licensor companies that possess the largest animation, characters, illustrations, games, logos, video works, arts, etc. in Japan, and each time a popular fair that many buyers visit is. We are offering many opportunities for opportunities to recruit licensee, store proposal, event proposal, work PR and expand sales channels.
(4) “DISNEY EXPO JAPAN 2019” collecting a large number of products that bring out the maximum attractiveness of the four brands “Disney”, “Pixar”, “Marvel” and “Star Wars” at the East 4 Hall, 70 companies · We will hold 140 booths and we will hold them. Also in 2019, we will exhibit topical products linked with the latest content and a wide range of products covering from adults to kids, as well as introduce movies of each brand, TV program information and various marketing information.
(5) Also at ‘Higashi 4 Hall’ “Small and Medium Enterprise Comprehensive Exhibition in Gift Show” will be held this year.
The theme of this year is “excellent story”. 100 gems gather from all over the country including technical crafts cultivated in SMEs, interior goods, tableware, fashion accessories, stationery and others.
(6) On the 1st floor of the West Exhibition Hall, there is a theme village for female “Fashionable miscellaneous world”. A wide variety of products are gathered from topicality and rich ideas to products that produce beauty, goods related to mental and physical health, materials and colors, designs expressive rich fashion items and lifestyle products that give coloring to life. I will. The number of working women has increased year by year, and now the proportion of the total labor force population has risen to 43.4%. From a “fashion select” with a high fashion sensitivity, high fashion sensitivity, such as wanting to be fashionable, such as being busy, such a fashion sensitivity, casual and cheerful fashion goods, casual and casual fashion goods, one-mile wear that can go to convenience stores as it is, a wide range of women We gathered popular fashionable goods to meet the demands of our dress. Please stay tuned.
Also, in the 1st Hall of the West, last time, a new exhibition area “FASHION SELECT” was born, attracting attention. “Honor yourself, hone your senses.” “Cherish your liking.” “Choose what suits yourself with your own will, enjoy fashionable.” Such, fashion sensitivity is high, unique and dignified atmosphere As a concept zone where items of satisfying women are gathered, we will also send out a notch item in both quality and price range.
(7) “FASHION × FOOD” which will be held for the fourth time as a food lifestyle area also originating from the FASHION area. It is time to choose “food” with my own will. This time we will gather a variety of products, from products for health and beauty such as organic / organic free / gluten free to products with glowing sense as a gift. We will welcome buyers with items that will make you happy even if you give it.
(8) A new project “Gift Show DEMO” will appear within West Village “Miscellaneous Goods Village”. “Miscellaneous living miscellaneous village” gathers a lot of merchandise filled with ingenious ideas and giving a color to life. And, much of that product does not convey value, charm simply by peering into the booth. At “Gift Show DEMO”, pick up exhibitors who present present the characteristics and attractiveness of the products. Professional demonstration, performance, explanation of functions, how to sell, development confidential tells everyone.
(9) A new exhibition area will be born in the East 6 Hall.
One is “Botanical Lifestyle Fair”.
Consumer needs are shifted to more “botanical (plant-derived) goods now, with comfortable lifestyles incorporating flowers and ornamental plants into their daily lives and incorporating fragrances such as aromas and incense There is a trend. So, for many years, the Tokyo Gift Show, which has been leading the “Flower Green Gift” and “Aroma Gifts” industry, we offer furniture and interior goods of natural materials as well as traditional flower · green and fragrance products We will collect handling companies together as a “botanical lifestyle” and create opportunities for new discoveries and encounters for all visitors.
The second is “IoT Home Products Fair”.
It is an exhibition plan for interior related goods material that realizes the way of life in the future.
Due to the IoT technology, various home products in the house are connected via the Internet, not only home appliances such as televisions and refrigerators, but also household products such as lighting, curtains and watches are becoming IoT in general. Against this backdrop, we intensively exhibit household appliances, furniture, curtains, lighting, interior goods, etc. that correspond to IoT technology, enriching our lives and producing exciting days. We will propose a new way of living in the future.
(10) I will touch a little about the exhibition at the same time.
We will host the 59th International Premium · Incentive Show Spring 2019 international specialized trade show of promotion · company gift · marketing at West 3 · 4 Hall. The theme of this exhibition is “Publicize the promotion, advertisement, attracting and marketing of the future for the future”.
A new promotion strategy is required in accordance with various events and changes of the times planned in Japan in the future. Many companies are considering this opportunity, thinking about improving customer satisfaction and approaching new customers. In addition, importance is also placed on methods that increase consumers’ willingness to act and directly connect to sales. While waiting for the era of intense change like this, we will exhibit the latest SP related products such as various SP planning and tools to support customers’ attraction and sales, cutting edge printing technology, many POP related products etc. .
Also as a special event, we will award the “28th Japan Promotion Planning Contest” and presentation by the winners. Among the numerous promotions developed during the year of 2018, I am proud of planning which is superior in planning and has a remarkable achievement even in the selling scene. Awarded promotion projects will be presented at the special venue awards ceremony and presentations by winners.
In addition, we will introduce “Young Skill Up Deminer” where you can learn about planning and movement in the field. It is also ideal for improving the skills of newcomers and young employees in the promotion / advertising industry.
The “60th Premium · Incentive Show Fall 2019” this autumn was decided to be held using Sunshine Convention Center. There are plenty of plans such as memorial ceremonies. By all means, we would like to take this opportunity to encourage exhibitors and visitors to come and join us.
“25th Gourmet & Dining Style Fair Spring 2019” packed with plenty of regional charm and story is dedicated to the theme of “Regional creation, new era. From region to people and to Koto.” It will be held grandly at 3 holes.

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