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Four organizations will hold “FOODEX JAPAN 2019” for 4 days from Tuesday, March 5, 2019 (JMA, Chairman: Masami Nakamura), General Association of Japan Efficiency Association. This exhibition is the largest food and beverage special exhibition in Asia. Approximately 85,000 visitors (including overseas and oversea) visited this year, the largest ever in Japan, 1,400 companies in the past, 2,100 companies and 4,100 booths from overseas 90 countries and regions, 12,000 people in total). I would like to invite you to visit us.

Foods and foods that food professionals around the world have not seen yet gather in Makuhari Messe this year as well
 Dates: March 5 (Tuesday) – Friday the 8th (Fri) 2019 Venue: Makuhari Messe 1 to 11 Hall

■ Distribution of domestic and foreign food and beverage trends, FOODEX JAPAN! This year’s attractions

 1) EU-Japan EPA is in force The world’s largest free trade zone imported foods suddenly changed EU food ingredients and foods such as wine and cheese exhibited at FOODEX JAPAN
2) Japan · Quality Japanese food and beverages recognized in the world 3) Cabinet Office restaurant also adopted Next meat which takes care of the earth to achieve SDGs 4) “Minee Ibitake” is Ambassador
“FOODEX gourmet girls Award 2019” Grand Prix is ​​decided by gourmand pros, such as female buyers 5) Napoli pizza craftsmen world championship (Kapit cup) which decides the best pizza craftworker in Japan 5)
New competition plan such as Japan Competition final game 」is also packed

1) EU-Japan EPA is effective One of the world’s largest free trade zones, Japanese imported foods undergo major cataclysmic changes
Among the overseas exhibitors who participate in FOODEX JAPAN every year are “Japan’s food is the world’s highest, so countries, regions and companies that exhibit for the reason that Japan can be considered a food that can fight the world if Japan is recognized” There are many. The imported food to Japan is about to change drastically due to the entry into force of a trade agreement covering over one-third of the world’s GDP. Good wines and cheeses are available at the EPA in Japan and Europe at a lower price than before but there are opportunities for Japanese imports of foods, ingredients, seasonings etc, which are not imported in Japan. At the venue, a large number of food and beverage makers aiming at the Japanese market will be exhibited from EU countries.

2) Food in Japan that can fight in the world! Mikan juice and other two Michelin two-star shops imported to chocolate and coffee made from marginal settlements!
FOODEX JAPAN will also exhibit many Japanese food and beverages recognized in the world.

3) The keywords of SDGs that also draw attention to the world are “earth friendly”
Various kinds of meat will be exhibited at FOODEX JAPAN including brand pork such as aged meat, glassfish beef, especial chicken, agu pig. From 2019 we will do “SDGs zone” alternative food “special exhibition” to realize sustainable development goals (SDGs). The reason why substitute foods are drawing attention is that the consumption of meat and fish per person has been expanding due to the worldwide population increase and the expansion of the middle class, and we are seeking alternative food products to solve future protein deficiency problems It is because it is. Even in Japan, policies such as Vietnyma curry and vegetarian Chinese are incorporated into the cafeteria cafeteria, which is a matter of concern for the country.
Insect food and soy meat are gaining attention as substitute meat.
For insect foods, we will exhibit ramen that made soup powdered crickets that have been certified organic in EU, USA and Canada.
Since Japanese foods have also been certified as UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage, “devotee cuisine” using soy meat has also been drawing attention. On the FOODEX stage held at 8 holes, entitled “MEAT WORLD”, for example, Mr. Akemi Abe, a monk of Green Izumi in “Dark Rice”, gave a lecture on insect food about Mr. Eisuke, ECOLOGGIE’s CEO Reikari Seiya Also do.

4) This year “Mr. Iitomi Marie” ambassador attention women buyers and other gourmand pros choose, “FOODEX gourmet girls Award 2019” Grand Prix is ​​decided.
We will announce the Grand Prix of “FOODEX gourmet girls Award 2019” model which Midori Iidose who assumed office as ambassador.
 International Chocolate Awards and World Final “, managed chocolate which received great acclaim in French” Salon du Chocolat “and small-scale coffee bean farms in Colombia with Japa · Quality, imported to Japan, also overseas Coffee beans to export. There is also Mikan juice of Wakayama Prefecture where two Mihsuran shops in France are retrieving, and we are particular about manufacturing and storage to keep the taste squeezed by hand. Other worldwide awards such as winning in the world and adoption record in the world restaurant
 Japan-made ingredients and drinks that can fight can be exhibited.
5) Various new projects including the championships of the best craftsmen of Naples pizza gather a lot this year as well
FOODEX From classic local soft drinks to alcohol, a lot of entries are made, and food professionals select by “voting” “Food Grand Prix here” etc. In addition to this, we can use wheat flour, yeast, salt, water 4 Napoli pizza craftsmen world championship (Kappo Cup) Nippon Tournament final championship “or” Craft (Japan Cup Cup) “which is very simple but selects the highest peak of the Japanese of strict Napo Lipizza which must satisfy six strict rules, A variety of programs related to food such as Beer & Cider ~ Craft Beer & Cider Special Exhibition ~ will be held.

※ Please visit our website for the schedule.

Excavate the next hit product with “New Product Hiroba”!
At this exhibition, a lot of famous supermarket buyers visit to search for new products and hidden gems that will be playing the next trend. More than 180 new products are exhibited in Japan and abroad centering on “new product Hiroba”, and hit products are expected to be born.

【FOODEX JAPAN 2019 Outline】
FOODEX JAPAN 2019 (The 44th International Food and Beverage Exhibition)
Period: March 5 (Tue) – March 8 (Fri) 2019 (from the last day until 16: 30) Place: Makuhari Messe 1 to 11 Holding: Japan Efficiency General Association Association, Japan Hotel Association, Japan Association of Ryokan
International Tourism Japan Restaurant Association, Public Interest Corporation Association for International Tourism Facilities Assistance: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Tourism Authority, National Tax Agency, Chiba Prefecture, Chiba City

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