Hokkaido IR Showcase Executive Committee.

I am indebted to you from the beginning.
Hokkaido IR Showcase Executive Committee.

Some changes were made to the press release sent on October 2.
Based on the changes, we announce it again in the attached press release.

Attached file (PressRelease_Hokkaido IRShowcase_181025.pdf)

Regarding IR that will be the initiator of Hokkaido’s “tourism leading industrialization”
It will be an opportunity to promote understanding for citizens, including citizens,
I would like to interview this showcase by all means.

For those involved in the pre-interview of the showcase, and those who would like to interview the day,
Press registration form of the official website,
Attached to the attached press release (press registration sheet)
Please register.

If you have any questions such as unclear points or additional materials,
I would be pleased if you could contact me with the following information.

Inquiries about this mail * – * – * –

Hokkaido IR Showcase Executive Committee
(Inovent Inc.)
Officer: Tomoko Kato
3-1-31 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Tokyo NBF Minami Aoyama Building 2F
TEL: 03-6812-9422 FAX: 03-5413-8830
Mail: v-ir-expo@innovent.co.jp

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